Germany, officially called as the Federal Republic of Germany is located in western-central Europe. It is a federal parliamentary republic. Germany consists of 16 states and the capital is Berlin. Also Berlin is considered to be the largest City in Germany. Germany’s area is 3, 57,021 square kilometers. Its climate is temperate seasonal climate. Its population is nearly 80.3 millions.

It is a developed country with a very high standard of living.

Germany has the world's fourth-largest economy by nominal GDP (Gross Domestic Product). It is the second-largest exporter and third-largest importer of goods. Germany is famous for its political and rich cultural history. The land has produced many music composers, influential philosophers, inventors, and scientists. Germany is a strong power in global and regional affairs. It is a member of the Council of Europe, OECD, the G20, NATO, and the United Nations.

German is the official language here. Christianity is the official religion. Euro is the official currency.

Do you know that about a quarter of all American citizens claim at least partial German ancestry?

Germany has nearly 700 Zoos, safari parks, animal reserves, bird parks, aquariums, wildlife parks, including 414 registered zoos)! Zoologischer Garten in Berlin's is the largest zoo in the world.

The Fairy Grottoes, Thuringia, are the world's most colorful caves and a must visited place in Germany.

Germany as a single state was good at governance. It has a record of being a strong and major player in Europe for centuries. At first there was a public alliance between the pope and the ruler of a confederation of Germanic tribes. The concept of hold, of political power reflects the reality of the west. This concept played an important role throughout the Middle Ages as it does now. It was a centre of Christian learningon the one hand and seat of kingsextending their territories on the other.

Improvement of administration, primacy of education, promotion of classical culture, renewal of intellectual and artistic life and cultural revival has marked its journey so far. The people have always appealed for a strong German ruler. Its will and strategies were always strong. It had flair for powerful battles, and set new standards. This sense of power, aided with a desire to succeed in all ventures gives Germany great prestige.

They have been guided by aggressive partnerships and an atmosphere of national achievement which has given them the best of results in the past and continues to do so in the present day Europe. Germany as a nation is hungry for success on the international stage than others and has asserted its leadership internationally. As a result it has high class research, development and industrial powerhouse. Its efficiency is unquestionable and it aims at perfection in all walks of life.


Education System

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Why Germany ?

Made in Germany is a proud label

Germany has always been a center of the action in matters of history, life and culture, since ages. A student can experience the social and cultural aspects besides visiting theatre, all-night discos and opera houses.

It is an ideal destination for internship, student exchange programs, PhD, MBA, Engineering.

German is a stylish and sophisticated language. Understanding it maximizes the opportunities. There are new sounds and word formations which are never used in the English language, which require careful listening.

Cultural metropolises, vineyards, old castles are very close and a student is amidst them.

Germany has a tradition of gathering and breeding philosophers in universities since ages. There is a spirit of free, scholastic and humane reflection. ‘Made in Germany’ is a proud label and Volkswagens, Audis and Mercedes are great brands made possible because of the innovative spirit of Germany. Germans helped to shape a great nation and recognize the greatness and worthiness today.

Germany is a symbol, and the most creative and imaginative country to exploit intellectual property. Germans invest all energy in subjects like economics, world commerce, parliamentarianism, military engagements, power politics, and intelligence, with all seriousness. It also offers fun and experiences in a big way.

How To Apply

Application Procedure Contact the International Office at your chosen university first, for admission requirements and selection procedures. It is the university that decides about the course offered. Depending on your domicile, costs in Germany can be higher/ lower than in your home country.

All applicants need to fulfill the necessary requirements to study at an institute of higher education. If a student wants to study at a German university, he or she needs a higher education entrance qualification, which is similar to a secondary school-leaving certificate. There is either a general qualification or a subject-specific qualification which entitles students to study certain subjects.

Admission   Criteria

To determine whether the applicant’s higher education entrance qualification will be recognized in Germany or not, enter the applicant’s country name, where they received their certificate in DAAD online admission database.
It will then inform you whether you are eligible for a direct university admission (or) only for a subject-restricted study or for a combination. This is subject to the proofs they submit.
The DAAD online admission database only provides a general overview. The website of the anabin (German only) can give you in detailed and vast information.
Generally, candidates must either submit a work portfolio or pass an aptitude test.
But in rare cases, gifted applicants may get admission for artistic degree programmes without a higher education entrance qualification.
Ultimately, the university has all the rights to say the final word about your admission. Therefore, enquire at the international office about your University’s admission requirements before you apply.
Once you got the offer letter from the University, one needs to enroll or register. Those who register can only attend the courses at the University. It also enables to access all the facilities like sports grounds and computer rooms.
Hence it would be better to enquire at the international office for all the required documents need to carry on the enrollment day.
After getting enrolled, University will give a written confirmation of the same, which serves as a student Identification card. Student has to enroll for each and every term.

Student Visa

Citizens from other countries are required to apply for a residence and work permit before entering Germany. They can get their work permit at their German consulate.

The visa process consists following three stages:

Stage 1: The Residence Permit application is received by the German embassy.

Stage 2: The immigration office and the local employment office (the Arbeitsamt) make a decision.

Stage 3: Upon approval, the Embassy provides an entry visa to the candidate.

Above all, international students are required to hold an entry visa upon their arrival in Germany. These can be obtained from the German diplomatic mission of resident’s country.

Students who wants to pursue an under graduation or a post graduation course should apply for a National visa.

Documents need to carry by the time of obtaining a Visa:

  • Proof of admission from the respective German university
  • Evidence of Health Insurance Coverage
  • Proof of previous academic achievement
  • Scores of German language proficiency
  • Proof of financial resources

Applicants who have not received notification of admission from a German university can apply for a temporary applicant visa. This will be valid for three months and we can convert this to a residence permit after we receive notification of admission from the university.

Another possible way is a language course visa. But this visa is only valid for the duration of the language course and cannot be converted into a Student visa.

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