Why Associate With Us

SS Alight Educational Consultants provides Marketing Recruitment support/solutions that get breakthrough results by reaching the people that truly matter. As a result-oriented student recruitment solution company we assist and support institutes to build and expand new & present business in the field of Student Recruitment in the Indian market and in Nepal and Sri Lanka. We use effective channels and tools to meet today are marketing recruitment objectives. SS Alight Consultants focuses on the right market areas shortening institutes recruitment cycle.

The commitment that SS Alight Consultants has shown towards informing students and creating awareness about the prospects of further education abroad has allowed it to venture in collaborations with Universities in India, enabling SS Alight Consultants to build a strong working relationship with them. We have highly trained professionals in the field of counseling, communications and education support providing the highest quality care. Our counselors who guide students through maze of questions and find the best suitable educational option for their profile and constraints, provide excellent advice on choosing courses that match the students educational background, personal goals, and constraints helping aspiring students in career possibilities.

Apart from assessing the student’s knowledge of spoken and written English we pay special attention to his/her application forms and highlight the key areas for a well-presented and error-free case to the educational institutes. This activity ensures better chances of consideration of candidature.

Below are our moralities:

Honest: Honesty is our policy. We promise and then we deliver the same. We are fair and sincere.

High Esteem: We always respect and uplift the high esteem of individuals.

Crystal Clear: All our processes are a see-through and we are crystal clear about our functioning. We always keep our relationship with our customers straightforward.

Professional: We abide professionalism as our way of doing work. We adopted the best practices in the industry.

Distinct: We constantly look out ways to improve the standards of our services.

Empower: We will always strive to enable our entire customer to achieve their best.

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