Canada is pristine and absolutely gorgeous. It is a romantic place relatively unpopulated, civilized, clean and resourceful country. It has high standard of life, and has no big security problems. Its society is truly open to all cultures and religions which are reflected in its acceptance of various students and migrants. It is in a position to provide substantial comfort to its people who are in harmony with their national traditions and ideals. It has glory of land and matchless scenery. It is a land characterized by battling and surviving nature, and of blizzards, stinging snow and below zero temperatures. The people are generally peaceful. It has a mighty expanse and the people are aspiring cultured cooperative and generous. Canadians speak without fear, worship in their own way, stand for what they think right and oppose the wrong, and a country upholding the heritage of freedom.

Canada’s government is a democratic constitutional monarchy, with a Sovereign as head of State. The nation also has an elected Prime Minister as head of Government.


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Standard Education System
The standard of Canadian educational system is high and reputed with a healthy strength of 1, 75,000 students. The quality of Canadian institutes is acknowledged globally offering a wide option of programs, institutes and universities. It is the preferred choice of study and offers practical work experience of 1-3 years. Canada offers diploma, bachelor and post graduate level in Management, Engineering, Environmental Studies, Computer Science, Tourism, Hospitality, Animation and Mass media courses. Tuition Fee is low compared to other English speaking countries. The nation has a chain of universities, colleges and university colleges offering degree and diploma courses and offer many scholarships.

Canada stands as one of the biggest grosser countries of international students in the global market. All hail the Canadian standards of education!

For the past 9 consecutive years, a United Nation survey has found Canada to be the best place in the world to live. The survey conducted every year, evaluates quality of life in 174 countries, using over 200 performance indicators. Canada earns particularly high marks for its access to education, high life expectancy, and low crime rates.

Standard of education Study in Canada has become quite popular because of its standards and bombarded opportunities scattered. Canadian education is of high quality and there’s a great revere in students towards Canada and the education provided there. The students who study in Canada receive global exposure and shine bright in the arenas of international market.

Reasonable fee structures Canada maintains its fee structures for international students with contempt and concern. The tuition fees for international students are comparatively very much affordable which complements the sky high tuition fees in some of the countries.

More appreciable thing is the above mentioned standards are maintained within these affordable prices.

No wonder Canada is the hot stop for many students to pursue foreign education to blossom their lives!

English speaking country

This of course is a huge relief for students who wish to fly to language based countries. Although, French prevails in Canada, the predominant language is English and this is very much a convenient and comfortable notion for foreign students to study in Canada.

Safe place to study

Every step is taken to ensure the safety of students on Canada's campuses. Most universities / colleges have their own campus security 24 hours a day. There are also “Walk Safe" programmes to assist people in getting to public transportation during late hours.

How To Apply

Application Procedure

Almost all the institutions in Canada will have two intakes for every academic year. They are September and January. Some institutions also offer admission in May but this is in very rare cases.

Requiredscores for Post graduate studies

IELTS score – minimum 7.0 bands.

TOEFL score – minimum 90.

Requiredscores for Graduate Studies

IELTS score – minimum 6.5 bands.

TOEFL score – minimum 80.

Required documents

  • Original copies of all academic certificates.
  • Minimum 2 Letters of Recommendations from the professors who taught you the latest.
  • One Statement of Purpose
  • One detailed Curriculum Vitae
  • Bonafide letter from the employer if you have work experience.
  • Photo Copy of Official Score card of IELTS/TOEFL.

Admission Knocks

Below are the Admission requirements for Under Graduation programmes:

  • A completed application form;
  • An official high school transcript (or attested copy) (if applicable);
  • Official transcripts from all post-secondary institutions attended;
  • A detailed résumé which demonstrates the applicants’ academics, work experience, hobbies, and achievements.
  • A Statement of Purpose that clearly explains why the applicant is eager to apply and qualities.

Applicants should have a minimum score of 233 for TOEFL (computer-based test) and 86 (internet-based test);

If it is IELTS (International English Language Testing System) an overall score of 6.0 or above is best

Following are the requirements to apply for an MBA:

  • A Bachelor’s degree program at a recognized university, with a grade of 70% (or equivalent) or a cumulative GPA of 3.0;
  • GMAT/GRE scores are valid for five years.

Below are the required documents for an MBA:

  • A filled application form;
  • Official transcripts from all post-secondary institutions attended;
  • Two letters of academic reference or letters from employers
  • A detailed résumé which demonstrates the applicants’ academics, work experience, hobbies, and achievements.
  • A Statement of Purpose that clearly explains why the applicant is eager to apply and qualities.

Requirements for postgraduate studies
Admission requirements for Candidates/Master programmes are:

  • A Bachelor's degree which is internationally accepted
  • Scores of commonly accepted English proficiency tests
  • Scores of Danish proficiency tests, if the programme is taught in Danish

Requirements for PhD studies

To pursue a PhD, a Master's degree or equivalent is a must.

Student Visa

Generally, a citizen from a foreign country who wishes to visit the United States must first obtain a visa. Nonimmigrant visa is for those who want to stay temporarily and immigrant visa is for permanent residence. Student visa is a must to study in the United States. Your course of study determines whether you need an F-1 visa or an M-1 visa.

Students must have student (F-1 or M-1) visas to travel to the United States.

Distance learning which requires a period of time on the U.S. campus needed an F-1 visa.

The candidates must first apply to SEVP approved school and to be accepted by it.

There are several steps to apply for a visa. The process depends on the U.S. embassy or consulate you apply.

The candidate must fill the online visa application and bring the hardcopy of the application form confirmation page to the interview. Upload your photo while completing the online Form DS-160.

For new Students F-1 and M-1 student visas can be issued up to 120 days in advance of their course of study.

Continuing Students can renew their visas at any time, as long as they have maintained student status and they can enter the US at any time before their classes start.

Fee for the non-refundable visa application may also be paid, if required.

To know more about fee payment, please visit the website of the embassy or consulate.

A list of documents needed for visa:

  • Passport valid for travel to the U. S. - Passport must be valid for at least six months beyond your period of stay in the U. S. If quite one person is enclosed within the passport, each individual desires a visa should submit a separate application.
  • Form DS-160 confirmation page, Nonimmigrant Visa Application, submission fee acknowledgement, if you are required.
  • Photo – You will upload your photo while accomplishing the online Form DS-160. If the picture transfer fails, you need to bring one printed photograph in the format explained in the Photograph obligations.
  • Certificate of Eligibility for Nonimmigrant (F-1) Student Status-For Educational and Language Scholars, Form I-20A-B or Certificate of Eligibility for Nonimmigrant (M-1) Student standing for occupational scholars, Form I-20M-N – Your faculty can send you a SEVIS-generated kind I-20 once they have entered your information in the SEVIS database. You and your school authorized should sign the Form I-20. All students, who want to stay with their partner and minor children in the United States, must be registered in the Student and Exchange Visitor System (SEVIS). Each person receives an individual Form I-20.

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